Five Wishes


I need a genie.  Not some greedy, little fool who will only grant me three wishes though.  What kind of crap is that?  You live in a bottle, and I let you out.  Be grateful.  Five wishes, buddy.  One for each of us…

For The Man
I wish that you will always love me the way you did in the beginning.  That your step will always move a little faster in my direction.  That when I’m in your line of sight, your eyes will linger on the curve of my hip, the length of my neck, the shade of my skin.  That your lips will stay on mine longer than they need to but never long enough to satisfy you.  I wish this for you as much as for me.  The world is better for those who are in love!  Rose colored glasses tint it all to a perfect hue.  Sorrow is halved, and joy is doubled.  The world isn’t lonely.  The nights aren’t so dark.  The journey isn’t as hard.  With love by your side, you’re unstoppable, which is just what I want you to be.  Unless you’re disagreeing with me, in which case, stopping is a much better option.

For The Girl
I wish that you will always be as sweet and innocent as you are now.  I want that halo that only I can see to linger over your delicate curls for always.  I want you to be the kid in school who won’t curse because her parents might hear.  I want you to be the girl in college who wears a robe that actually covers her up as she leaves the communal showers.  I want you to be the woman who has never booty danced, pushed up her boobs, or left her dignity on the floor.  I want you to laugh at, but not understand, dirty jokes.  I want you to believe that somebody perfect is out there for you and to wait for that special someone.  I know no one calls it a flower anymore…but PLEASE keep your flower.  In a pot.  In a greenhouse.  Under lock and key.  Until after marriage.  And after the seven year itch.  And once I’m ready to be a grandmother.  Which I am obviously not thinking about now because you are only a precious, precocious, and perfect three and a half.

For The Boy
I wish that you will always need me to be your mom.  I want that part of you that looks to me for comfort from fear, pain, confusion, and sorrow to stay with you.  I want our hugs to linger well into your years.  I don’t want you to be too quick for my kisses in front of your first grade classroom, too cool for my ride outside of your high school, too busy for my call to your dorm room, or too preoccupied for my visit to your new home with that ho your new bride.  We have been through so much together in just two years that I cannot imagine a time when you will not stomp through my thoughts and shout into my subconscious.  All boy, all mine, and I hope that my place in your life will be for always too.

For The Baby
I wish that you will always be my baby.  I didn’t need the books, the advice, the gadgets to get you through year one.  You are my little guy, so I just did what my heart wanted to instead of what I was “supposed” to do with you.  I let you sleep in my bed too long and picked you up too often and fed you solids too soon and gave into everything too quickly.  But you’re my baby…and I want these moments with you to linger on.  Just take your time, sweet love, and savor all that childhood has for you.  You’ll be a crankapotomus adult with bills and a past and worries soon enough.  Play.  Laugh.  Be silly, smelly, and simple for as long as you can.  You’ll never get this time back.

For The Lady
I wish that you will always be this young and able and beautiful and proud…even though right now, in this moment, you think you are none of those things.  Recognize all that you are, and revel in it!  Use your strengths.  Be boastful of your accomplishments.  Second guessing, hiding in humility, comparing yourself to everyone you’re not, moving that bar for success higher and higher is keeping you from the joy you so desperately want in life.  Linger in these moments for they are fleeting.  Time will rob you of the nearness of your babies, your health, your senses…don’t take it for granted.  Work.  Play.  Laugh.  Forgive.  LIVE.  The best days of your life are the ones you are living.

So I guess it’s the genie’s lucky day.
I just need one wish for the family after all: to linger a while longer.

4 thoughts on “Five Wishes

  1. Susan

    Simply perfect! You captured every mothers dreams ..well at least mine I can’t speak for others

  2. Amy

    Amazing! Beautiful! Everything I think I would have said but could never put into words. Thank you


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