Write with Me!

Did you like all my Lady parts?  Of the website I mean!  I tried my very best, so I hope that you enjoyed the reading you did here on OhThisAgain.com.  And if you didn’t, you’re going to remember that you’re talking to a Lady who has three terrortastic babies and an always-working Man and throw me a bone…and a compliment.

Want to make YOUR site more Lady-like?  I’d love to be a guest blogger!  Use the form below to send me some information about you, your website, and what you’d like me to contribute.  I’m open to sites of all sizes, colors, and orientations!  I’m kind of slutty that way.  Be in touch.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Are YOU a writer too?  Hello, pen pal!  OhThisAgain.com will be featuring current and up-and-coming writers soon too!  Ladies and men alike!  Probably not babies, though, because they have too much other shit to figure out before tackling writing projects.  Like not crying because the refrigerator door really does need to stay closed.  Use the form below to contact me if you’re serious about submitting a piece to a perfectionist who loves pajamas but not bras or poor grammar.

Write along with me!
The best is yet to be…

-Robert Browning (kind of)