Monthly Archives: September 2013

Happy Birthday for Who


It happened last year.  I became an old person.  The number doesn’t matter because, as the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel.  Well, I feel old.  It started then, and now a few weeks past my birthday, I can say the trend is continuing.  I’m officially on the downward side of the hill of life.  Are you as depressed as I am yet?  Continue reading…you’ll get there. Continue reading

The Loch Ness Momster


Listen up, folks.  I found her!  You know that perfect mom that every mommy blog describes?  She does more than just keep everyone alive.  She makes art projects and cooks tasty meals.  She plays princess and super hero with both her son and her daughter.  She pins for parties and brings the ideas to life.  She reads to the babies daily, prays with them nightly, and makes sure they get fresh air, free affection, and fun activities always.  She lives in the moment with her little miracles and disconnects from all social media…for days at a time!

And there’s more. Continue reading

The Bathroom Floor


Pretty much every day I do the regular tidying up of the house.  Wash dishes, put away toys and books, wipe down the tables, throw in a load of laundry, and maybe even sweep the floor.  Just enough to maintain my sanity and give the babes enough of a clean slate to create new clutter the next day.  Continue reading