Thank you

Because it takes a village to make a writer…or something like that.

First of all, I want to thank God.  Just in case He reads blogs, I want to make sure I cover all my bases for being heaven-bound.  There’s a few things that might hold me back, so I can’t be too safe.

My fantastic four!  You know what you do and why I love you.  How do you tell your heart how much you appreciate that it beats?  You can’t, so I’ll leave it at thank you.

My tiny, little momma!  You have annoyed me from the moment I was born, but all of that has made me as feisty as I am, which is working out for me!  And no matter how high I get on the feist-o-meter, you have loved me for every one of my days.  Although I’ll never give you this website address (because I know you don’t want to read about how often I don’t wear pants), I know you are more proud of me than anyone else, and I’ll never be able to repay you.  I have given you three incredible grandkids, though, so I am trying.

My “buggest” supporter!  Helping me work through every single thing, every single day, sifting through my crazy, and not being afraid to show me yours.  Who knew our very small gang would go this far?  I knew.  You did too.  Thank you, thank you from me2you.

My renaissance engineer!  You should blush.  You’re incredible, as a soul and a mind.  What a treasure you are!  You don’t know what this site would look like without you…well, yes you do because you saw it before your handiwork.  You should also know that you’ve saved me from being a mess more times than I can count too.  Thank you!

My gorgeous photog!  You are an inspiration to me, and some of my greatest ideas have come from our brainstorming sessions.  Your understanding, patience, and passion are invaluable, and you’ve done more for me than you give yourself credit for doing.  Gracias!

My friends!  All of you.  Well, the ones who read and share all the pieces I write anyway (what good are the rest of you?).  Thank you for supporting my energy.  The Man really appreciates it too because otherwise he’d get me at full strength, and we know he couldn’t handle that.

YOU, dear reader!  If you hadn’t followed me on Twitter, then Facebook, then Instagram, then Pinterest, and now here, I wouldn’t think my voice mattered.  I wouldn’t think I could help.  I would feel like my hands were tied in my endless mission to make things easier for all of us.  So a huge thank you to you, my spectacular fans.  You made this possible for me.

I will not give thanks to pants, the inventor of fantasy football, hoes, Caillou, or mornings.

Forever grateful,
The Lady

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