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Home Sweet Home


You know those “In this house, we” signs?  The ones that list all the beautiful and perfect interactions your loving and blessed family has with each other?  I’m staring at one hanging in our living room right now.  I picked it up at good ol’ Target a few months ago.  I remember the Man saying something about how he loved that I decorated our home in lies.  I laughed then, and I am still chuckling now at the thought of what a real list of family rules for our home would look like.  Perhaps it would read… Continue reading

Thankful November Week One


Everyone is doing it, and we all know I am nothing if not a follower.  You know what I’m talking about, that day of thanks through the month of November game.  I’m going to throw in a couple of twists, though.  Instead of writing every day and posting it for all to gloss over in their news feed read on Facebook, I’m going to post just once week and do it here on the website.  Maybe you’ll read it.  Maybe you won’t.  Either way, I’ll remember in my moments of misery that there is a lot to be grateful for in this overwhelming life I’ve built for myself.  Ready, set, go! Continue reading

All our Love, Always


On Friday, June 13, 2008, the Man and I learned that we lost our first child just before the end of the first trimester of life.  Five years later, we are a family of five.  We think of our never-born first still and always.  For the baby that was and was not, the baby that came and went, the baby that lived and died.  This message is for the little love we never got to hold but will never let go of… Continue reading